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Frequently Asked Questions

WISE is a series of interactive activity books that helps teachers and students to effective teaching- learning learning.

It acts as a practise material for students on the concepts taught

Absolutely not, it adds value to teaching and learning.

Every relevant question type and format to improve any student's ability to easily comprehend and measure the concept clarity.

Yes, it is completely aligned with NEP 2020.

Any School Aligned CBSE board or following NCERT publication

The WISE books have crafted based as participative pedagogy or learning through assessment for learning. The methodology easily enables teachers with the right resources to reinforce learning, improve concept clarity through congnitve, develop 21st century learner skills. Hence WISE book is more than a normal Question Bank

The WISE books integrated with technology provides the right teaching resources to effectively implement blended learning solution.During lesson delivery teachers are empowered with WISE books to provide student with ready reckoner learning resources to ensure comprehension and understanding of concepts.Listed below are multiple modes in which WISE Books can be utilized 1. Daily lesson teaching aid: 2. Flipped learning tool 3. Formative assessment tool 4. Homework/Assignment tool

Yes, they are included.

Ans. Yes, a teacher’s copy would have all the answers.

Yes, the different types of questions and features like summary maps,etc. would help students to not just practise but also to quickly revise before exams.

The pedagogy on which the book is based is quite different from other books. The approach that has been chosen to frame the questions is also different. Also, a QR code is given at the end of each worksheet, which leads the learner to the particular section in the EduBrisk platform for better conceptual understanding.

The questions are designed based on Bloom’s taxonomy.